Armattan is well known in the hobby for their quality frames, first class customer service, and lifetime warranty. I now own 7 of their frames, and I have to agree, it’s not just a product you are buying, it is the company.

A great testament to their superior service and how it influences their continued success, is the most recent “screw gate” controversy over their Rooster launch. While this would greatly impact sales and diminish public perception of most companies, Armattan was in constant contact with the community about the issue and resolved every single customer complaint directly. Not many would do this, and it speaks to why even after a misstep, this company will continue to grow.

While this article is not about Armattan, I would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned their stellar customer service as being a major component as to why their frames are favored as some of the best in the industry.

In January, Armattan released the Rooster. A fantastic modular frame boasting a titanium camera cage and stronger, more refined, 4mm thick carbon fiber. The launch was a huge success, but not without its quirks (screw gate). However, to some of Armattan’s customers, it was slightly disappointing. For those like me, I prefer simplicity. Fewer screws, fewer parts, and fewer headaches. While I can greatly appreciate modularity and having to only replace 1 arm, as an example, it also tends to make the builds more complicated, and just more things that can go wrong, like sheered screws, and *arm movement.

[quote_box_center]*This last bit is highly controversial. Arm movement is negligible and proven to not affect flight. This really is an assemblers problem. [/quote_box_center]

Having already been a Chameleon owner and lover, this Rooster was a a tease to me. Better materials, better design, but more complexity.  I really disliked the sunk nut designs and the independent arms. The Chameleon is a great kwad frame, but aluminum is easy to bend, and there are a lot of moving parts on the cage, it does become a maintenance hassle. So both now had their list of cons to me.

Then Armattan did the unthinkable, they listened to their customers!!!. In a move that took less than a month, they announced and shipped the Chameleon TI, everything you love about the Chameleons single plate design, combined with the new simplified and indestructible titanium cage!

Immediately, I converted all my Roosters (yes, you just have to buy the bottom plates!!) to the Chameleon TI’s. This frame is now my favorite frame to build and fly. Ultra simple, only 14 screws, ultra strong, and ridiculously light. An amazing frame by a great company.

I can’t recommend it enough.