I’m astounded at how good the 4K camera is on the iPhone 6s. I have a DSLR that can’t take the kind of pictures (easily) that this phone can take. And it’s a phone!!!

I realize with a lot of practice I could probably take way better pictures with a good camera, but for any novice who just wants great quality photos, it’s really unbeatable to have a camera like this in your pocket. Amazing.

The picture above is a photo of a bee, cropped and zoomed, taken from about 2 feet away. It’s such high detail at that distance that you can see the hair on the bees back.

I know it’s not impressive to most people these days, but at some point you have to be in awe of how far technology has come. Cell phone cameras used to take terrible 1 megapixel photos that you could barely even get off your phone and on to your computer. How many flip phones full of pictures do you think there are, just sitting in drawers around the world?