Well I am officially one of the lucky developers to get on the Google glass preorder list. Now I just have to start learning Java so I can make the most out of it.

Google glass truly has captured the future of technology. It sets the stage for helping you navigate life, but being completely out of your way. It will help us feed our information addiction while keeping our hands on the wheel of life.

So now developers like me are in charge of drawing the map. We need to help figure out what kinds of things you really want to see in your peripheral vision. What do you really need to keep tabs on? I think a more important responsibility that is now laid on us is, how can we do this without making you completely crippled without it? As our technology addictions grow, so does our dependence.

It’s often that the world goes through a revolution and quickly forgets what life was like prior to it. Take cell phones for example, it was less than 10 years ago that cellphones became affordable and mainstreamed. Now we are completely dependent on them and can barely communicate with the world without it. Dead service zones are your worst nightmare and a dead battery is a unspeakable.

Now imagine a device that tells you all about your day, directions to where you need to go, how much money is in your bank account and feeds the worlds most important news headlines directly to you. It will capture memories for you and help you share your life with others. It will do all this without you having to pull the device out of your pocket or open an application on a computer. Everything about you will be permanently saved in the infinite expanse of the digital cloud.

This is the future, its inevitable and it’s approaching quickly, but are we ready for it?