Well being that it was my birthday and I have a lot going on over the next few months, I decided that I should go get that sleeve started before I don’t have a chance to get anything done. I called upon my favorite and only tattoo artist Jamie (Jammer) at immortal ink in Flemington, NJ.


I have known Jamie for a few years now, in fact I got one of my first tattoos from her when she first started doing them at the lions den in New Hope, PA.  She has always done excellent work and she entertains the fact that I over analyze everything. I openly admit that I am difficult in the chair, but I am super happy that I have been able to find someone that can deal with it and that does the quality of work she does.

New Ink

So that being said, she has started a full sleeve for me. Its going to be a hyper mechanical music sleeve with some guitars and piano type contraptions, lots of gears wires etc.  We started with the guitar piece which I love, and we will be doing some more outlines of the other parts in later February. Until then I hope that you all visit her site, she does some amazing things with crafts that I think everyone should own.